Sunday, January 15, 2012

the VOW

This is a story of a couple who did not just make a promise to each other on their wedding day but lived that Promise, everyday of their lives.
It's sort of weird for me to write something about people that I get to spend 3 days with, such a short time you may think.. but definitely a story, oops.. I mean a "real life love story" that is worth sharing. Believe me, every time I see them, what I see always touches my heart & I am thankful I have known them & of course its my pleasure serving them & taking good care of sweet Beth.

How we met is such a random event that happened in Beth's life that caused our paths to cross.
I met them, in the hospital.
It was quite a usual day for me, going with my routine.. & keeping up with the usual schedule, it was a busy night.

Beth was the sweetest, most fragile being in Bill's life.. she was always beautiful the way he looked at her, despite her wrinkled skin, frail shape, blurry vision, & grey hair due to old age.
Bill is a man who is not just brave to fight his battles when he was younger.. he is also known for the strength of his love & commitment toward her.
Over the years, he loved her more everyday, he stood by her, In fact, "he found his place, his home right beside her".
Beth & Bill had been married for 70 years, & they get to celebrate their 70th anniversary that night.
I couldn't help but be as happy & excited for them both.
Since the day Beth got very ill, Bill never left her side. Despite the tough battle against sickness, he stood by her & he held her hand everyday, he would fall asleep just watching her through the night.

What I see in him was a heart that beats only for the woman he dearly loves.
(Pause) I hate sad endings.. I really do.. & this part I really don't like at all..

the second night.. I saw how Bill held Beth's hand and how he looked at her even while she was struggling with her breathing. Her frail body trying to hold on to dear life.. :( It broke my heart & I hoped everything would be ok, that Beth will live a few more years & have a happy life. In my heart, I dont want her to give up, but sad to say things are out of my control.

Third night came & I saw a different scenario.. one I have not expected.. Beth's condition worsened.
Bill, their kids & grandkids where there to see her. They were there for her.
I dont know what Bill's prayer is, I dont know what he wished could have happened instead..
But in this time of trial.. He never failed to be there, even if Beth would close her eyes one day & never open them again, in her life time she knew that it was a life well lived & that she was always Loved deeply until her last breath.

We are like grass, here today, gone tomorrow.. Life is passing us by like the wind.. one moment its there, the next time, its no more.
We have our own story to tell, we only have one life time to live, how do we spend our time?
How do we live our lives? & after this life is over, what's next? :) (John 3:16)

The story has 3 main points: Love, Life & Legacy.