Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunday afternoon

- A kindred soul who seeks to Love, Care, Protect, Nurture & to look after the welfare of their children.  (My Personal definition).

-("Sunday Afternoon" is a Mother's day tribute)-

A Mother's Heartbeat
-is the 1st sound a child hears inside the womb, its the first lullaby & the first melody a child can be familiar with.

A Mother's Touch
- is the most therapeutic form of communication.
It gives greater pain relief than band aid's on bruised knees or chicken soup & cold medicine.
It goes beyond science, It connects one's soul to the other.
It's a bond that Never breaks.

A Mother's Wisdom
- is one that exceeds what education or a certain degree offers.
Her teachings are not enclosed in the four walls of classrooms & textbook pages.
It is limitless & genuine.
It's meant to be carried & passed on to generations.

A Mother's Faith
- is unshakeable & immovable.
It is trusting SOMEONE greater even when Life itself makes the journey long & hard.
Her faith keeps a HOME from falling apart. Faith like pillars is what I would call it.

A Mother's Legacy
- is a legacy that's meant to be passed on from one generation to the next.
They Live on & they're NEVER gone.

*Note from the Author:
I want to thank my MOM for inspiring me. These thoughts were special, cause if they're not, I wouldn't have written them in paper or even bother to publish them in my blog.
This is for All the Mothers out there, No matter what the situation, even if you feel like "Mother's day" is not worth celebrating, or there's nothing too special about it.. The whole world is saying "Thank you" & "I Love you" to our Heroes. I am one of them & I am extremely grateful that I have a Mother. God has special reasons for choosing these women to be Mothers. ;)

Happy Mother's Day!