Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Tale of faith, friendship & True Love

A tribute to the Love of my life, the man who loves me for better or worse, 
the friend & ally who's been there through thick & thin, 
who shared life's joy's & pains;
The guy who I grew up with in a small town, --You've been a mystery to me, none of it was revealed until the perfect time;
The perfect moment when God unfolded His will & plan before our very eyes.. We were once two separate lives & bound to be one, brought together by time, faith & destiny. 

This is our story.............

As a little girl, I dreamt of princes sweeping their fair maidens off their feet.. I've known every story to have a Princess & a Prince in them, that it wouldn't be complete without these main characters, there maybe "evil stepmothers or stepsisters" But I knew how every story would always end.. --with a "Happily ever after". 

Childhood tales become the thing of the past once you're all grown up & you begin to be the "main character" of your own story. 

And This is where it all began... 

I spent my childhood in a small town, 
& so did he.. We lived there most of our lives, but God's timing is always perfect. I would never forget that day, when this young man standing there right across the street, in a corner; A young man I never even knew or heard of.. How would someone expect a random stranger to be the "one". 
But God's ways is always unique, wonderful & surprising. 
(Good surprises bytheway)

I did not search for him, nor did he search for me.. Instead, we both waited. 
We journeyed together in Faith & grew more in love with the Lord.
We enjoyed every adventure, we sowed in tears & prayers, We learned to give Love just as we continually receive & experience such perfect, unfailing Love.

God prepared us both for what was about to take place in our lives. 
We were rid off of selfishness & pride, we have been "set apart" for a glorious purpose, Beyond our wildest dreams. God's plans for us is bigger, & always for the Best. He has been & always will be our compass in this journey. Leading us to the right direction & where we are called to be.

It's not always a bed of roses, not always an easy road.. But all the trials we are facing & all the other "road bumps" along the way, caused us to grow more in faith, allowing Christ to teach us & mold us to be the man & woman we ought to be. 

During hard times, we find shelter & refuge in His Word, in worship & in prayer. He has been our strong foundation holding our lives & our relationship together. 
Distance was never a hindrance, criticisms was never a wall to tough to tear down, we no longer lingered over past failures, instead we embraced each other imperfect as we are, having our own flaws & weaknesses.. Just as Christ sees us, being spotless, & radiant. 

As the day draws near that we both will come to an even deeper commitment, for Life.. 
we also rejoice in the Lord for how far He has brought us, for His sustaining grace & amazing Love that has been our support throughout this journey of Love & commitment. 

He is the writer of this Love story, WE are the main characters. 
This song has been special to me :) be blessed!

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