Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The price of my freedom -- PAID IN FULL!

It's the 4th July, today the United States celebrates independence day. The American flag can be seen almost everywhere, in vehicles, homes, shopping centers, restaurants, to name a few, & not to mention the beautiful fireworks display that's hard to miss. Homes, parks, stadiums, even the streets are filled with people who came to celebrate this momentous event. Its just one way of saying that the American people are grateful for the freedom that they have.
Looking back in history, a country's freedom is not just something that is given away like its free.
Its something that is won by virtue of sacrifice & selfless passion of fighting for it regardless of the cost/price. Many have given their lives fighting this great battle, & now the country & its people are enjoying the benefits of that which was paid for & won by those who passionately fought for that right to FREEDOM.

In John 3:16, a famous bible passage talks about FREEDOM too. Our Blood bought freedom, the great price that was paid so that we can enjoy the benefits of His finished work. It is for freedom He set us free. We no longer live under condemnation, under the curse of sin & death, but we have redemption, abundant life, wholeness, peace, healing, favor, success, & provisions through the One-Jesus Christ. Through Him & His finished work we have ALL things. We no longer live under the law but under GRACE.
When God looks upon us, He sees us as an object of His love & as the righteousness of God.

The cross is the symbol of Christ's finished work. Its also the symbol of our victory through His sacrifice.
Our Redemption & freedom. Just as the flag is a symbol of a country that is free, a country that stands upto this moment, One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty & justice for all.
May this country be blessed, may its people be blessed. Happy 4th of July U.S.A!

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